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Why Choose Welch's

Our people and the values we share set us apart and make Welch’s a special place.

When you talk to people at Welch’s, you’ll find that our company is built on shared values:


All companies have shareholders. But we share a special connection to ours — the family farmers who nurture and cultivate the grapes at the heart of Welch’s. We’re passionate about bringing this goodness to more people and places, and about being stewards of a brand that families have loved for generations.


At Welch’s, you’ll find talented, hardworking, genuine people — the kind you would want to have as neighbors. We approach our work with integrity and honesty, which helps us earn our consumers’ trust.


We foster a collaborative workplace that lets us bring out the best in each other. For us, Welch’s is more than just a place to work. It’s a community of people who truly enjoy each other’s company. And we know you will, too.

We all share a passion for the things that make Welch’s a special place — from our history, to our family farmers, to our people who make Welch’s a trusted brand.