At the heart of Welch’s you’ll find about 1,000 committed family-farmer owners. For these men and women, grapes aren’t just ingredients, but a way of life. And it shows – many of Welch’s family farmers have been working land that’s been in their families for generations.

With vineyards in the United States and Canada, Welch’s family farms span across North America. Every farmer has tremendous passion and pride for their work, ensuring the highest quality grapes for our juices, jellies and more – year after year.

Featured Farmers

Dave Nichols

"It takes a lot of care to bring a grapevine into production."

Meet Dave

Bob Militello

“The Welch's brand name and label stand for quality and trust.”

Meet Bob

Dan Sprague

“I’m glad to be part of a good company that works very hard at becoming a great company.”

Meet Dan

Elizabeth Hamlet Tytka

“The Welch’s brand means quality and everybody working together to improve that quality.”

Meet Elizabeth

Tim Grow

“It’s just a real thrilling event for me to see the work of my labor come across that belt in the form of Concord Grapes.”

Meet Tim

Vern Rambo

I really appreciate the respect that the name has and how much people look up to the Welch's brand.”

Meet Vern