Coming together to enjoy frequent meals and snacks can help support a family's health and happiness. In fact, research has shown an association between regular family meals and improved family nutrition and overall well-being.1-7

According to Welch's Kitchen Table Report, while parents are making family mealtimes a priority, they face challenges that make it difficult to eat meals, especially healthy meals, together. Four out of ten parents cite the lack of time to cook and busy schedules as reasons why it can be difficult to eat as a family.

The good news: there are easy solutions to combat these common mealtime obstacles!

Explore the below toolkit for expert advice and family-friendly resources.


Family Friendly Recipes

Get simple-to-prepare, budget-friendly and delicious recipes your heart and loved ones will enjoy.

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Mealtime Moments

Family Mealtime Moments

Learn more about how to make the most of family mealtimes with these expert tips.

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Mealtime Solutions

Family Mealtime Anywhere

Read expert advice on how to enjoy healthy mealtime moments anywhere.

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Family Meal Plan

Discover our printable 5-day meal plan with easy, heart-healthy meals and snacks for the whole family.

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Family Mealtime Makeovers

Transform family favorites into more convenient, healthy options with these makeovers.

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