Welch's believes in the magic of family moments, and has been helping families enjoy them for generations. Gathering around the kitchen table for family meals has been an important American tradition. But how families come together must have changed over the years, right? To find out, we commissioned Welch's Kitchen Table Report1, which surveyed roughly 850 parents.

The survey found that despite the demands they face, families today are strong!

  • They're regularly eating together.
  • They're enjoying spending quality time as a family.
  • And, they're using mealtime moments to connect.

Family mealtime is serving as the hub of family life, with the kitchen table as mission control.

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Infograph showing how often families eat together

  1. Welch's Kitchen Table Report was based on 864 telephone interviews among parents or guardians of children under 18 who were identified from a national probability sample of 4,049 adults. Interviews were conducted over the period October 18 - November 13, 2012 utilizing both landline and cell telephones. Results among parents have an error margin of +/- 3%. Interviewing was conducted on behalf of Welch's® using ORC International's CARAVAN® survey.