Good Hydrations – Staying Cool When the Temperature Rises

Contributed by Marie Spano, MS, RD, CSCS, CSSD.


As the heat continues to rise this summer you’ll need to drink plenty of fluid to cool off. Yet gulping down lots of water every day may not sound too enticing, so think beyond water and consider your other options. 

Cold summertime soups, fruits and vegetables all contain water and can therefore help you meet your fluid needs. In addition to fruit, why not hydrate with 100% fruit juice? As the name implies, 100% fruit juice is made from fruit and therefore delivers many of the same benefits of whole fruit including vitamins, minerals and plant nutrients, such as polyphenols. In fact, children who drink 100% fruit juice tend to have higher intakes of vitamins A and C, magnesium, folate, phosphorus and potassium. To add to that, in some cases, drinking 100% fruit juice may actually give you more healthy polyphenols than eating the fruit. For instance, the entire Concord grape – skin, seeds and all – is pressed when making Welch’s 100% Grape Juice. This means the Concord grape polyphenols, which research suggests can help support a healthy heart, are pressed into every bottle.

Avoiding added sugars? 100% juice is a great choice for you. That’s because all the sugars you see on the label are natural fruit sugars – the sugars from the fruit itself, with no added sugars. For more good news about 100% fruit juice, check out this fact sheet on

For general hydration, you can’t beat water. For hydration plus nutrition, my favorite choices in the summertime are a crisp watermelon, a juicy peach, a frozen banana or a glass of refreshing 100% grape juice – and that’s not just because I’m a member of Welch’s Health and Nutrition Advisory Panel! I love mixing the bold flavor of Welch’s 100% Grape Juice with sparkling seltzer water and fresh lime juice for a refreshing drink. It’s thirst quenching – and provides a serving a fruit. Can’t beat that as you beat the heat!